Thursday, September 12, 2013

One Hundred (100.00) Dollar Gift Cards

That's right. The number is correct. I am giving away gift cards in 100.00 dollar increments. Once a month, through the holidays; Oct., Nov., Dec., (maybe longer--we'll see how this goes).

What's the catch? See the new little 'Hear about New Books By Maggie Marr' spot on the right. (I'll wait.) Well you have to sign up to enter--to win the gift card. So...on October 15th will select one winner and we will notify you with my brand-spanking new newsletter!

I promise not to get all spammy on you. But I will send out an email to tell you if you won the gift card. will select a winner and the first winner will be announced on October 15. So go sign up. Win 100.00 dollars, win 200.00 dollars maybe if you are super lucky (or absolutely no one but YOU signs up for my newsletter) win 300.00 dollars!

Where is the gift card from? WINNERS choice! You may choose from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes...really anywhere that will deliver the gift card by the internet.

So what are you waiting for? Who doesn't want an extra 100.00 (US) dollars to buy cool stuff?

Sign up.



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