Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Christmas Wish

The Christmas Wish publishes today! Brinn & Tyler's story is filled with love and Christmas Magic!

A once-cocky Tyler Emerson, remembers the torch he carried for serious, but kind-hearted Brinn Bartoli. Even though neither Brinn nor Tyler want a relationship, much less love, a Powder Springs Christmas filled with gingerbread wishes, family, home, and hearth pulls them together. Could a Christmas Wish for true love, made with Christmas Magic come true?

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I hope The Christmas Wish puts you in the holiday mood!

Happy Holidays & Happy Reading!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Christmas Billionaire

My first Christmas book publishes 11/20! A Christmas Billionaire, Book 3 in the Eligible Billionaire's Series.

I hope you love it!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Easy Glamour my 10th Book!

Today Easy Glamour, bk 4 in The Glamour Series publishes! Tasha & Rhett were an amazing, hot, and sexy couple to write. I loved their story. Also, I am so thankful for the stories I am given to write as well as YOU fabulous readers to buy and read my books. Thank you, a million times, THANK YOU!

The ignored second son of a living Legend...

Rhett Legend Delgado grew up unclaimed by his famous father. He lived his childhood in the shadows of his two well-known half siblings. Now it's his turn to grab the spotlight. A charismatic singer with a whiskey voice and sex appeal his album should bound up the charts especially if he follows the advice of Left Coast Record's new president Tasha Jones. But there are compromises that Rhett doesn't want to make when it comes to his career or when it comes to his attraction to Tasha Jones. 

Rock Stars only break your heart...

Tasha Jones grew up in the music world. Her late father was the founder of Left Coast Records. Now she's running the show. One thing she knows for sure is never fall for a musician. She did—once. She lost her heart and nearly lost her soul. Tasha swears that she will never date a musician again, especially not a musician who is signed to her label. 

An attraction that can't be denied...

Tasha Jones can't ignore the heat that pulses between her and Rhett Legend Delgado. Nor, can she contain her desires for him. But she must, if she is to maintain her position as President at Left Coast and keep her heart safe. Is there a way for Tasha to keep Left Coast and Rhett? Or are they both simply too scarred from the pain of their individual pasts to let love grow between them? 

Happy Reading!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

One Night For Love

Today One Night For Love, book 2, in the Eligible Billionaires Series publishes. I loved writing Prim and Tristan's love story. Tristan was such a tough guy for me to first. Why did Prim love him? How was she so smitten with him? Here she was a successful woman who was falling for this guy, who could kind of be a jerk...sometimes. Ah love. But Prim was determined and so I wrote their story.

The end of a dream is hard to accept. . .

Prim Baxter spent the last five years of her life and the first five years of her career trying to make her dream of owning Metro Media come true. She worked tirelessly, putting her painful past behind her and her personal desires on hold, in hopes that she would soon run Metro Media. But when a tragedy forces her boss to sell to cold-hearted recluse billionaire Tristan Rhodes, Prim’s dream of running Metro Media ends.

A brilliant man with a hard darkness within. . .

Tristan Rhodes locked away the scars of his past and forced his way to success, but he buried his feelings and his heart to charge to the top. Now on the cusp of his greatest accomplishment he is faced with desires he can’t fight. Desires that threaten to unleash the feelings he’s fought so hard to lock away. Desires caused by a woman he shouldn’t have; Prim Baxter.

One night of unbridled passion can’t be denied. . .

After one lust-filled night Prim and Tristan can’t ignore the passion between them. To save Metro Media, Prim must find a way to quell her desires and her fears and work with her new boss. But instead of ignoring the fire between them, they agree to release the passion they feel. Together, for a short time, Prim and Tristan will explore the limits of desire. Is it possible for them to keep their secrets safe and their hearts unbroken with a passion that burns so bright?

I hope you love, One Night For Love!

Next up, Easy Glamour, book 4 in The Glamour Series publishes September. Then in October, my first Christmas book publishes.

Thank you, readers and friends for all your support.

Happy Reading,


Sunday, August 17, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a way to raise money to be used to find the cure for Lou Gherig's Disease. The challenge works like this: Once you are challenged you have 24 hours to donate and pour a bucket of ice water over your head. If you accept the challenge you may in turn challenge 5 other people. If you do NOT accept the challenge you must forever live with the shame of being a BIG WUSS.

I am not a WUSS. I had both my children through natural childbirth--the ice bath I could handle.

Brent Zacky nominated me, I accepted the challenger, and here is the result:

It is pretty damn cold.

In return I challenge Maria Seager, Jane Porter, Megan Crain, Liliana Hart, and Nealie Harrison.

You have 24 hours, Ladies. I know you're not wusses. Don't let me, or ALS down.

Don't forget to donate!