Friday, May 20, 2011


I am on deadline. I have a manuscript due...soon. As in: two-weeks-from-today-soon. Granted it is a first draft that is due to my editor but every author knows that a first draft that is meant to go to an editor isn't an actual first draft. An actual first draft contains typos, inconsistencies, incomplete scenes, nonsensical dialogue, unmotivated characters, and flat descriptions. At least my first drafts do. If I sent my actual first draft to my editor she might reconsider ever asking me to write this project. No, the first draft that I send to my editor will actually be a third draft. There will be rewrites and hair pulling and trying to make it really as good as my timeline permits.

Yes, I am on deadline. Now that I think of it...deadline is an interesting word isn't it...what with the dead part.



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