Monday, November 18, 2013

Hollywood Hit

Life is good! I am so blessed that Hollywood Hit, the third book in the Hollywood Girls Club Series publishes December 17, 2013.

Thank you to all my readers for being so patient. This book took much longer than I anticipated. But I hope the wait was worth it--I think the wait was worth it. You get to spend time with the characters you already love: Celeste 'Cici' Solange, Jessica Caulfield-Fox, Lydia Albright. And you get to meet the new headstrong Nikki Solange, niece of Cici Solange and the very hot, very delicious, very sexy, Rush Nelson.

I picture Rush like this:

All shades of sexy and bad but with a deep sense of justice and loyalty--that's Rush.

I am doing all kinds of great release week giveaways, and that includes another $100.00 Amazon gift card to celebrate the release of Hollywood Hit.

I am so so lucky that AToMR is coordinating the release day events. They are BRILL! If you want to sign up to host a release day event go here.

So excited. Less than one month. Mark your calendars December 17, 2013 for a Hollywood Hit!



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