Monday, May 18, 2015

Eligible Billionaires Books 1-3

I'm excited to announce I now have a bundle of billionaires! Who wouldn't want a bundle of wickedly rich and handsome men? Hmmm... I'm not one to decline such a thing.

Cole Jackson in CAN'T BUY ME LOVE is a true alpha with a bad-boy love 'em and leave 'em attitude. Whip smart with a wicked sense of humor and a wonderfully slow hand. He's truly met his match in Meg Parson, his former executive assistant. She is just as smart and just as determined. By the end Cole is begging for Meg to stay.

Tristan Rhodes in ONE NIGHT FOR LOVE is a tortured soul who dismantles companies piece by painful piece. Prim Baxter (Meg Parson's best friend and former b-school classmate) is having none of Tristan's bull! She built Metro Media from the ground up, alongside the now distraught and former Metro Media owner Ryan Murphy (LAST CALL FOR LOVE). Prim spends every ounce of her time and energy trying to convince Tristan that he should not dismantle Metro Media. All the while fighting her outrageous attraction for Tristan.

Nick North in A CHRISTMAS BILLIONAIRE is strong, cold, and unattainable. Noel Klause, his one true love, shattered Nick's heart when she ditched him on Christmas Eve many years before. Guess who's baaaack! Yes, it's Noel Klaus, the love of Nick's life. She is making his Christmas season a living hell with her community activism that prohibits him from knocking down a retirement home in which Noel's grandmother lives, so that he can build a mall. Nick and Noel heat up those long cold Chicago nights and find their way back to their forever love.

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