Monday, April 2, 2007

It's April...time to meet my friends.

My husband was kind enough to mention to me yesterday that it is now, in fact April...the month that Hollywood Girls Club hits stores. After the flipping sensation in my stomach, the ringing in my ears, and the pounding in my chest stopped...(and I was still breathing) I smiled. Yes it is April! April! April! April! And the ladies are ready for their debut! I believe my...episode (that can only be described as a panic attack) is based on loving the ladies. The girls. Celeste, Jessica, Lydia, and Mary Anne, (and even Brie)...all of them. Loving their story. Loving that I was given their story to write (yes...I believe all my books are given to me to write). And wanting you to love these fantastic women too. Celeste with all her insecurities, Lydia with her cool exterior, Jessica the workaholic and Mary Anne the naive newbie who stumbles into the group. Wanting you to enjoy their friendship as I did. Writing their story and watching how these four women look out for one another and care for each other reminded me of all my friends. Of all the fantastic women in my life that have nourished and nurtured me (as only good girlfriends can). My friends have seen me at my absolute lowest (sometimes involving alcohol and often involving men...pre-marriage of course) and at my best (graduations, wedding, children, writing) and they love me. My friends love me and I love them. I don't just love them because they accept me good and bad (and believe me there was plenty of BAD) I love them because of who they are. I love Barb B. because she is warm, Molly because she is solid and good, Leslie because she is wicked smart, Debbie because now I can, Wendy because she is funny, Carrie because she is competitive, Allison because she's a rockstar, Barb S. because she's honest, Katy because she saw me at 14, Sara because she is an angle, Renie because she is kind, Nealie because she's a rock...Andy because she's a goddess! The list goes on and on and it does for every woman. As I age, I realize that I am in part, all my friends. I take a piece of them with me wherever I go and it helps me stay grounded and feel secure. I know my girlfriends will always love me whether I weigh 118 or 180. I know my girlfriends love me if I'm a raving bitch or sweet as pie, I know they love me if I'm sobbing or laughing. And I know that I will do the same for my friends; love them, unconditionally, emphatically, with all that I've got. My love for my friends was why my stomach flipped, my ears rang, and my heart pounded...Celeste, Lydia, Jessica and Mary Anne, are my friends. These four strong, smart, sexy women gave me their story to tell. And I hope I told it well. Because that's what girlfriends do right? Tell each other our stories and love each other because of them.... April the girls. Local bookstore. Hollywood Girls Club.
xo M


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