Saturday, July 18, 2009

Whats New

Let's see... The In-Laws are in town for a visit. Since having children, they definitely aren't here to see me or Chadaddy. Oh no. It's all about H & G. Finished TV Pilot on Friday and sent to managers. Am hopeful this becomes part of their weekend read. Am even more hopeful that they love it. Although I would settle for a 'we really really like this, but here are some notes.' Anything above 'this sucks' would be welcome. Tweaking movie treatment for producer I am working with. Reading article sent to us by other producers to try and sort out pitch. And am working on YA that I love but has been hanging around for over a year... There are a couple other developments...but...I am ridiculously superstitious so want to keep them to myself until I know more. Have a happy Sunday.


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