Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hollywood Couch & Water Tour

As many of you know I write books and I write screenplays. And as a screenplay writer I get to embark on the amazing fun of the Hollywood Couch & Water Tour.

What is the Hollywood Couch & Water Tour you ask?

Well let me explain. My writing partner and I wrote a lovely little screenplay. We received some truly rave reviews and based on that screenplay now we go and meet all the execs that loved our writing. Where do we sit? The couch. What do we drink? Water. Hence the name Hollywood Couch & Water Tour.

Last week was meeting #25. We met with Laurence Mark Productions. They are an amazing production company. They made this movie:

One of my favorites and one of the movies we studied while writing our script.

Laurence Mark Productions recently produced this film:

Another one of my faves.

At the meeting we riffed on films. Television. What makes a good story vs. what makes a great story. We even pitched them a couple ideas as well as the screenplay we are working on now.

Next stop on the Hollywood Couch & Water Tour is January 6 2010...stay tuned.


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