Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Sit Down

Ah yes, there it is again THAT word: *Notes*. I believe I've mentioned the process once, twice, (perhaps a hundred times) on the blog. But here it is again. Like a rash. Notes.

Yesterday was all about Producers and Development Notes and The Sit Down.

But we may have cracked the story. Or at the very least discovered ways to get around the primary challenges within the material. Challenges that had me stumped. Stumped. I'd sit and stare at the first 25 pages. Read. Reread. Stare. And ask; "Why isn't this working? This should be working. But it is totally NOT working." Then read these pages again...and again...and again. Plus it is time to nail this sucker down. Kick the script to the next level... 'break on through to the other side' to lift a fantastic line.

But it wasn't...breaking through. And I couldn't seem to find a hatchet, or a hammer, or an ax. Until yesterday and The Sit Down. With The Producers. At my request. Yes, they provided notes last week. Actually excellent notes. But there is something about a face to face meeting that I think when all the parties are invested can bring out MORE. Perhaps even the BEST ideas.

Lucky for us the Sit Down did provide good ideas. We discovered more twists. Twists, that we quite possibly, we wouldn't have discovered without The Sit Down.

Love The Sit Down.

So the meeting is over. And I have notes. Notes on top of notes. Which means I have an awful lot of work to do.


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