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Yesterday I met with a producer friend who has a myriad of projects that come from books. And, of course, Vampires came up. Because, these days, when it comes to books, well Vampires or some other paranormal are in a great number of them. And our question was this...a question by the way I've heard over and over the last two years posed at writer's conferences, by authors, and even readers.

Are there too many Vampires?

Now please, before you drive a stake through my heart realize I LOVE vampire books. I am a huge Anne Rice fan and read the entire Vampire Chronicles years ago. To this day I would stack Rice's books against ANY recent vampire book. I've read all but the final Stephanie Meyer's books, I've read Chris Moore, and I've read Charlaine Harris. So I enjoy this genre as much as the next reader.

But really. My bookstore? Overrun with the undead. To the point where I don't know if a new author is a good author or just part of this market slide into blood suckers. And this has gone on now for a number of years.

So I pose the question to you...wonderful reader. Do you still NEED the blood. Can't get enough of the undead? Or is your love for the Vampiric starting to wain?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jemiah Jefferson wrote probably my favorite Vampire books... where Stephanie Meyer's books are very PG-13, Jemiah's are definitely R. But I fell in love with some of her characters, and hated still others (which in literature to me is just the same as falling in love with them... developing that level of emotion about them).

I think there is plenty of room for all, if well written. It's digging through the drivel written by those who are clinging to the literary fad of the moment (Harry Potter magic! Twilight Vampires!) that make it feel sometimes like it is just TOO MUCH.

I don't know that I ever NEED or "can't get enough"... rather I'm one who will enjoy, admire, and embrace... but not all are created equal.

Speaking of which, when are you writing another book for me to read? I really enjoyed the trashy, gossipy, guilty pleasure in stilettos that your books represented to me. Beyond enjoyed them, loved them. But I will admit a good deal of that has to do with the fact that I love you too (so so so much!!).

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