Saturday, July 31, 2010

RWA - Saturday

As is always the case with RWA by Saturday afternoon I am tired, a little cranky, hungry and my feet hurt. And yet, I am still having a fabulous time. How does that work? Well, first off, I love coming out of my cave...I mean room, at least once a year to see all my author friends. And while I am a natural introvert who can fake the extrovert thing after 5 days of smiles I start to feel a bit tired. But I still want more! More of the great workshops. More of the great books. And of course, more of my great friends that I only see once a year. But this shindig is nearing the end. I will post pics as soon as I download. And I will write more about the conference (RWA-WF annual meeting was a hit!) once I return home.


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