Monday, November 1, 2010

The Next Idea

Part of the job as a writer is finding The Next Idea. TV development season is coming to a close. I wrote a tv pilot Hart & Stone that got me a whole lot of meetings and even a little play at one of the studios. But guess what? Hart & Stone isn't becoming a tv least not this season. I can hope that Hart & Stone goes the way of Breaking Bad (sat on a shelf for 2 years) or Mad Men (pilot written in 2000 and it didn't appear on air until 2007) but these are exceptions and there is no guarantee that anything will ever happen with Hart & Stone.

So what happens to this script that I love?

Hart & Stone becomes a sample. A piece of writing that is representative of my But I like to believe my writing evolves and that I become a better writer with each story I choose to tell or with each story that chooses me to be its storyteller.

That brings me to The Next Idea. Time to think of another idea, another show, another set of characters, another set of conflicts...another story.



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