Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quiet Please: Silencing Your Inner Critic

One of the *major* perks of being VP of Programming at RWA-WF is getting to schedule our online workshops. I am particularly thrilled that this month we have Melissa Clark presenting Quiet Please: Silencing Your Inner Critic.

As an author I am constantly fighting the nasty little voice whispering in my ear that tells me: That Sucks! You can't write! No way that works! What are you thinking?!

You know this voice, right? The little demon that forever has you second guessing your plot, your characterization...well really just your entire *being* as a writer.

Melissa's workshop silences that nasty little bugger! Quiet Please: Silencing Your Inner Critic is a workshop designed to help writers get around this voice filled with fear and self-doubt.

And Guess What? This RWA-WF workshop is open to EVERYONE! Yes everyone! Any writer that is interested in strapping a muzzle onto that nasty little non-muse is welcome to attend. But here is the kicker--Registration Closes THIS Friday.

Please join Melissa Clark and RWA-WF while we silence our inner critic! You can register here.


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