Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Celebrate Love In All Its Varied Forms

There are so many Valentines in my life. So many loves. So many joys. So much kindness. As I grow older this day has moved from simply signifying romantic love to my celebrating all the love I get to experience every day.

The amazing kiss from my youngest as she drops off to sleep.

The unexpected hug from my eldest after homework is completed.

The unplanned call from a good friend who lives thousands of miles away.

The tender gaze of a mature love (we've been married forever!) that seems to say I would pick you again.

The laugh, the smile, the pat on the shoulder, the joke, the compliment--each and every one an act of love.


And to be sure, simple acts that most days I overlook--brush by--forget to acknowledge. But today I take a moment to remember -- to bask in not only romantic love but all the love that surrounds me.

I am grateful.


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