Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jane Porter--My Author Crush

I know I am not alone as an author when I admit that I get author crushes. I worked at an agency--I was an agent--I sat in rooms with A-listers and while I respect their talent and their star power and I truly enjoyed discussing story with them I was able to keep my wits about me.

But put me in front of an author I adore--well I get a little woozy and I stutter and sputter. Jane Porter happens to be one of my author crushes. For oh-so-many-reasons. Jane writes--she is prolific--just take a look at all the books she's written. Plus she writes well. Her books--wow her books make me swoon both the classic romance and the women's fiction titles. Jane can cross genres -- something incredibly difficult for most writers and she makes all of it look so easy. She's gorgeous in this amazingly effortless way. Plus she is truly a lovely person. I mean really--warm, genuine, and kind.

Yeah, Jane is one of my author crushes. So if I was a babbling befuddled fool before whenever I saw her live and in person, imagine what I'll be the next time?


Because Jane was generous enough to read my latest book, my first contemporary romance, and give me a blurb. A wonderful blurb that I will always cherish.

Sharp, sexy prose and a fast-paced plot make Maggie Marr's Can't Buy Me Love a very entertaining and steamy read! Romance readers will love this book!"
--Jane Porter

Thank you, Jane. You made this first-time-contemporary-romance writer so very happy!



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