Friday, March 21, 2014

New Manuscript=Less Irritability PLUS my Friday Fiver Winner

According the Hubs I've been irritable. I, of course, disagree with his assessment. Or, at the very least refuse to agree with him on principle. Yes, he's right. I have been irritable. I turned in a book to my editor last week and while you would think this would cause great HAPPINESS (which it does for about thirty minutes) in reality I soon become unbearable. See writing process here. Writing is what keeps me sane. Ask any one of my family, they will attest to the lack of sanity which results when I fail to write.

Today I regained my sanity. Today I started a new manuscript. Huzzah! Let the fun begin. Let the characters be wild and ca-razy with loads of drama and conflict. Because crazy drama makes a great book. A happy Hubs? Not so much.


My Friday Fiver Winner is Anna P.!

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