Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Easy Glamour my 10th Book!

Today Easy Glamour, bk 4 in The Glamour Series publishes! Tasha & Rhett were an amazing, hot, and sexy couple to write. I loved their story. Also, I am so thankful for the stories I am given to write as well as YOU fabulous readers to buy and read my books. Thank you, a million times, THANK YOU!

The ignored second son of a living Legend...

Rhett Legend Delgado grew up unclaimed by his famous father. He lived his childhood in the shadows of his two well-known half siblings. Now it's his turn to grab the spotlight. A charismatic singer with a whiskey voice and sex appeal his album should bound up the charts especially if he follows the advice of Left Coast Record's new president Tasha Jones. But there are compromises that Rhett doesn't want to make when it comes to his career or when it comes to his attraction to Tasha Jones. 

Rock Stars only break your heart...

Tasha Jones grew up in the music world. Her late father was the founder of Left Coast Records. Now she's running the show. One thing she knows for sure is never fall for a musician. She did—once. She lost her heart and nearly lost her soul. Tasha swears that she will never date a musician again, especially not a musician who is signed to her label. 

An attraction that can't be denied...

Tasha Jones can't ignore the heat that pulses between her and Rhett Legend Delgado. Nor, can she contain her desires for him. But she must, if she is to maintain her position as President at Left Coast and keep her heart safe. Is there a way for Tasha to keep Left Coast and Rhett? Or are they both simply too scarred from the pain of their individual pasts to let love grow between them? 

Happy Reading!



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