Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Writer Envy

Oh yes, I fight it. I really do try. But writer envy often rears it's ugly head. So many great books, and why didn't I get to write them all? Here's a couple that tripped my trigger lately:

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Oh and I've mentioned that I like these

And the author...just as cute as the cover? So not fair! Fabulous writer, great book, wonderful woman... (love you Ally)

Okay and the cover art on this one?

Well guess what? The book is just as great as the cover.

Ooo and this classic that I just read...I know how could I LIVE WITHOUT READING THIS BOOK?

So do we see a theme here? Umm, yes we do! Young Adult and Middle Grade books! Because guess why? Because my beloved family which by the way if FULL of adolescent or pre-adolescent, or someday will be adolescent, or post-menopausal but act like adolescent women who want to read something I wrote. Uh, yeah. My books...the Hollywood Girls Club Books very very fun in that grown up bad girl sort of way but definately not for the girls. I wouldn't even let my girls read them before 18 ahem their Dad says twenty. Dream on Chadaddy! So in response to this request I have in fact begun my first young adult book. Oooo. Do I love it. Of course I can DREAM that one day soon, I will keep company with some of the above writers. I mean without dreams we have what? NOTHING! How else does a girl from Bloomington, Illinois end up an author is Los Angeles? By way of motion picture agent??? Hmmm....dream big or go home.

Oh and this one...

Much love,


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me = blushing.


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