Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Back And Better Than Before

Last night I slept in my own bed for the first time in 21 nights. No, I am not living the sexually exotic life of a nubile young actress trying to get her first agent. I've been on the road and what an exciting trip it's been! Two lost car seats, one stolen laptop, two stolen jackets, three stolen skirts, one misdirected bag, and one lost debit card. BUT the good news? We sold TONS of books! And I met hundreds of people! Wonderful wonderful people who bought my book and attended my signings. Thank you to all the friends and family that housed and fed my family while we were on the road. Such a joy to spend time with all of them and sooo much better than hauling two little girls from hotel room to hotel room.

Did I mention the stolen laptop? There are few things that someone could steal from a writer that would cause them to collapse into a heap and sob with such desolate wails. I've not been so heartbroken since 8th grade when Brandon Meyer was embarrassed that I wore his football jersey on jersey day. So I have the new laptop and I am recovering...literally and figuratively from the loss of what will forever be known as Apple I and am getting Apple II up and running. So please, if I had your email address or contact info, for whatever reason, RESEND. I am thankful that I didn't lose my second book..that my agent had an updated copy! My editor, Lindsey The Magnificent, has given me some time to get back up to speed. And today is my first day back on the laptop, emailing, and looking at my garden as I write.
xo Maggie


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