Friday, October 12, 2007

Nobel Peace Prize

Okay, so I will begin this blog with the admission that perhaps I am biased, as yes I am a Democrat...some (like my father) would say rabid, I prefer enthusiastic. But, can everyone finally admit that a terrible, horrible, most deadly mistake was made in 2000? Hello! Wake up and smell the carbon dioxide polluting the ozone as well as the gun powder! Al Gore just won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Now, surely Al must have that tremendous feeling of redemption, like the kid that gets kicked to the curb in High School by the Prom Queen only to become the next Bill Gates. Because even though I still believe the election was stolen by Jeb Bush and his minions in Florida and that Scalia destroyed his legacy by going against his own personal dogma of a strict interpretation of the US Constitution and became a flat out Constructionist in the most important Supreme Court Opinion of his long long long (oh way too long) tenure on the Court. Al, has gone on and become THE GUY! The guy who takes a defeat and instead of wandering of f into obscurity and licking his wounds, rises, like a Phoenix and does MORE to try and save the world than he ever could in the swamplike quagmire (yes I know it's redundant but I want EMPHASIS darn it) that is Washington D.C. and the US Government.

So way to go Al! Oh...and did I mention? The 1.5 million that he receives for his win...he's donating it to The Alliance for Climate Protection...because he's just that good.

And the other know the one in office, the one who lied about Iraq, the one who VETOED healthcare for impoverished children he's still in office and he still thinks he's winning the war...



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