Saturday, August 25, 2007

Preschools N' Stuff

So I will admit that as a Mommy, I've been a little lackadaisical about preschool, perhaps ambivalent, maybe even a tiny bit fearful. A year and a half ago we had a BAAAAD preschool experience. Not the kind that scarred our tiny little tot for life...but perhaps Mommy and Daddy. We made it through two days at the awful-name-to-be-withheld-facility and quickly pulled our little preschooler O-U-T. And well here we are a year and a half later...I did mention the word lackadaisical didn't I? But this week...the Sun smiled it's face down on us, the heaven's opened wide and Mommy reached the PROMISED land. I found the perfect preschool (if such a thing exists). And the timing? Well it coulnd't have been more perfect. I just happened to call on the day of pre-school orientation, there just happened to be potentially 2 spots, I just happened to love the school, the director, the teachers (2 per classroom 2!!!) And all was right with the world as I came singing home to my family to let my hubby (not the tiny tot yet as the 2 spots were po-ten-tial) know, that I returned victorious, from my pre-school expedition. Then the hammer spot, now, but soon. So my ambivalence replaced with enthusiasm, my lakidaisical attitude replaced with exuberance and fear replaced with excitment...waits. We wait for the perfect pre-school, to have a spot for our beloved. And although I now anxiously await this wonderful place for my tiny tot, I know, know, know that I've found a wonderful spot for her to start school.
xo Maggie


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