Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Dirt: A Woman In Hollywood

OK! Magazine

So I'm not on the cover for cellulite, or dumping my husband, or being carted off to there a rehab for chocolate consumption? Buuut...Secrets of The Hollywood Girls Club is in OK! Magazine next week. Secrets is already on the website here. Yippeee!! And the best part, the part that made my toes curl...well...Secrets of The Hollywood Girls Club, my fun, light, beach read book is in the magazine next to...wait for it....Augusten Burroughs. Yeah...THAT Augusten Burroughs...the literary writer, heavy hitter guy that I adore. ADORE! He wrote Running With Scissors, and Dry: A Memoir, and his newest book, that I can't wait to read, A Wolf At The Table, is in OK! Magazine, next to Secrets of The Hollywood Girls Club., love, love, having great neighbors.


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