Friday, May 2, 2008

The Dirt: A Woman In Hollywood

Strike Two!

Wow, could it be? Is it possible? More saber rattling? Yesterday while perusing my copy of Variety I saw this and then on Nikki Finke I read this. And my heart fluttered in my chest. Another strike? SAG may strike? Say it isn't so! After weathering the 100 day WGA strike I shudder to think what our tiny entertainment community will look like after an actors' strike. As I talk to my agent, manager, producer and executive friends, we all wonder who would survive another strike? I mean, the agencies are just now starting to get up and running and that's with a scaled back pilot season and film studios that are reticent to buy because of the potential for an actors' strike.

Now let me put this right out front...I am a pro-labor kind of gal. And I do believe in strikes and I do believe that 90% of the time labor has legitimate beefs. I believe this because on the other side are CORPORATIONS. And corporations don't have souls they have shareholders. Corporations only do things when propelled by the market. Or when they absolutely positively have no other choice because otherwise they will lose money.

But a strike? I have to wonder, who would this help? And I have to say, no one. Next direction...follow the money. And although the corporations my save money now, and even make money later, is a potential collapse of the entire industry really worth it?


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