Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hard At Work

So I am hard at work on my final pass of my next manuscript! My goal is to have this last pass complete before the BIG birthday at the end of the month. Think I can make it? Hmmm...probably with some solid effort. Of course there are still children to be taken care of, laundry to be washed, pitches to be honed and scripts to be written (and please God willing sold!) But I plug away hopeful and happy with this story. This is my first LOVE story. A contemporary romance. Yes, I've fallen back in love with the genre that was my first 'grown-up' reading as a child. I remember stealing so many of my Mother's books...books I am sure that I wasn't meant to read. But pilfering them nonetheless and LOVING these books. I also remember falling away from them as I grew older and had so many 'other' books to read. Now, I've fallen in love with these books again. I am just finished Kristan Higgins newest book Too Good To Be True. A great read. As per my usual, after reading a book I enjoyed I wanted to check out the author..and I can't find a web page! Is it possible that Kristan Higgins has no web page? Is this the case? I was shocked. Let me know dear readers if this is true.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Girl! It's right here, silly...

xoxo! (((YOUR BIGGEST FAN)))

March 21, 2009 at 9:11 AM  

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