Monday, May 18, 2009

Blessings Come in Strange Packages

Friday I got what most, including me at the time, would consider bad news. But over the weekend I dissected this bad news and realized that the news is truly a blessing in disguise.

As many of you know, before becoming a writer I was a motion picture agent and before that an attorney. I am licensed to practice in Illinois and in Colorado. In January of this year I decided to study for and take the California Bar Exam. You need a 1440 to pass and the pass rate in California is atrocious. In fact this February it was 30%...that's right, 30% of the people taking the exam passed.

And, I was not one of them. I received 1436.

I passed the written portion but stumbled on the MBE. At first I was sad, upset, and frustrated. I studied so very hard for the exam. I knew that I hadn't practiced law in 8 years and put forth a very dedicated and strenuous effort to pass. So when the results posted on Friday, I was upset that I could work so hard for something and not get what I wanted.

But then it clicked.

I did get what I wanted. I've been asking for guidance, for a sign. Something that let me know that I was going the right direction with my life. I even asked for good news on Friday. And I got it.

Here was my sign, that my life is on the right track. I came to California to work in entertainment and be a writer. And I am a writer. I make my living as a writer no matter how posh or how meager. I have a new book. I have a dozen meetings lined up with film executives. I have a great screenplay that is close to having some amazing attachments and I am getting ready for television pitch season. How many more signs could God possibly give me that I am meant to be a writer? Well, I guess one more...and it came on Friday. Sometimes you really have to be smacked on the head to see what's right in front of you.

So, if I ever truly want to practice law again I can move back to Colorado or Illinois. But I have my sign now, that while I live in California I am meant to write.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was laid up the past few days with a cold, and never felt more grateful, as I could not put down Hollywood Girls Club! Then I made my husband run out to get the MUST keep writing! I will keep searching for your work...good luck with pilot season.

May 24, 2009 at 9:42 PM  

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