Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yeah, yeah, I'll Take Care of It

Oh my sad tale of woe continues. I dropped off my little baby on December 31 expecting a 7 - 10 day wait. 'A little longer than usual' my genius said 'because of the holidays.' I could understand that. So when he asked 'should we ship your computer to the store or your home once it's fixed' I thought why not save a trip ship it to my house.

'Is this your address?' he asked and then rattled off my OLD address.

'No, we've moved.' I gave him the NEW address and toddled away looking longingly over my shoulder as he took my computer to the back room.

I arrived home and checked out my receipt and I noticed that at the top is my OLD adress. I immediately picked up the phone and called my Apple store. I tell them the problem and a guy quickly takes down my address and says 'yeah, yeah, I'll take care of it.'

Now there are some sentences in the English language that instill confidence that a task will be completed such as : Right Away! or Yes, madame I shall do that post haste.' But 'yeah, yeah, I'll take care of it' is not one of the sentences that instills such confidence. But I trusted that this fellow would do as he said.

So I waited.

On the 6th of January (7 days later) I decided to check on the status of my computer. I call the store where I am put on hold for a very very long time. A woman returns sounding a bit out of breath. 'Miss Marr, you need to call apple care since you chose to have your computer sent to your home.' Okay. So I call Apple Care they tell me that there is no status update other than the technicians ordered the part to make the repair. I then say, what address do you have to ship my computer to? He recites the OLD address. I give him the new one and cross my fingers. He tells me I need to call my Apple Store and update my address with them.

Been there, done that.

But I dutifully called AGAIN. I asked my Apple Store what address they had and they recite back to me my OLD address. I then asked them AGAIN to change my address.

I've reached Panic Level Yellow. My old address is an empty house because the buyer will not be moving in until February. But it is close to our NEW address so I asked my husband to check for Fed Ex tags at the house.

I called on the 10th because I am now SURE my computer will be sent to the wrong house. But the Apple Care tech informed me that no it hasn't shipped. On the 11th my Apple Care tech forwarded me a link where I can check on the status. I finally look at the link late on the 11th. There is a Fed Ex number! Yippee! The computer has been shipped. Where is it, when will it be here. I click the link.

Oh. My. Goodness.

My little baby was shipped on the 4th! Of January. After I called the Apple Store to update my address and got the 'yeah, yeah, I'll take care of it' guy and before I called Apple Care.

Guess who didn't take care of it.

Fed Ex tried to deliver my computer to my old address since the 6th. I call the Apple Store. I call Apple Care. If only the guy who had said 'yeah, yeah, I'll take care of it,' had actually taken care of it.

Today my computer is in Fort Worth. Friday it is supposed to be here in my hot little hands. We'll see.

PS Fed Ex put NO door tags on the house, we checked. Big Business failed all the way around.



Blogger mindmap1 said...


Just read your 'Bridesmaid' Chapter on eHQ blog!.

Fantastic - I love the emotional tension between these two - I can see them in my head.

Well done and all the best for the rest of the book.


January 13, 2010 at 2:49 PM  

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