Monday, February 22, 2010

A Challenge

There is nothing like a challenge to get me revved up. And this week I've got two challenges that actually work together.

So a good friend of mine has challenged me to write 2,000 words a day for 25 days.

I'm in. All in. Except for Sundays, even God took off Sundays (or Saturdays depending on which ecclesiastical historian you believe.)

Luckily for me, this challenge also coincides with the LARA (Los Angeles Romance Writers of America) SPEW (Stop Procrastinating Everyone Write) challenge.

Now, for my needs, I am modifying the challenge...a bit. My latest Work In Progress demands a little different approach. Usually I write an entire first draft, just spew it onto the page and then go back and rewrite. But with this project I've found my process is more akin to Lois Lowry's process. I am actually editing as I go along. So some days I get 2,000 or even 3,000 words down and some days I may get 5 - 10 pages edited with actually very few new words. So to accomodate this process I am setting my goals as follows:

For the next 25 days (except Sundays) I will either write 2,000 words a day or I will write for 4 hours a day.

This new goal also accommodates my screenwriting needs. Because we have a NEW screenplay that we are working on. Right now the writing partner is taking his pass but when he emails it to me...well it's my turn. And word count? Just doesn't work the same way with screenplays. Screenplays, once you have the scenes worked out (and believe me with a 19 page single-spaced outline we have the scenes worked out) are more like a constant editing process.

So who's with me?! Any writers out there who need to jumpstart their latest WIP? Set a fire under their tushy?

Let's go, go, go!



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