Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You need to post!

How is it Tuesday already and I haven't posted since last Wednesday? I'm not sure.

I could blame it on the kids. I could blame it on my dear friend Ally and her challenge to me that I write 2k a day for 25 days. I could blame it on the impending arrival of my Mom and MIL. I could even blame it on my self imposed deadline to finish this draft of The Billionaire's Proud Mistress and the newest screenplay by the end of March. But while I'd like to blame my lackadaisical blog writing on any or all of those things...I simply can't.

I mean take for example my agent: Kristin Nelson. She works nearly as hard as I do (please know I write that with a grin and wink there are very few people that work harder than Kristin and I'm certainly not one) and she manages to post daily on her very famous, very witty, and very informative blog Pub Rants.

For goodness sake if Kristin can post daily, why can't I?

Hmm. Good question. So along with every other quest I seem to be on this year... (write more, complain less...exercise more, eat less...go out more, stay at home less...I see a theme emerging) I am going to attempt a minimum of three posts a week.


There. I've written it. Now back to that word challenge....



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