Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring Into Romance: Humbled and Amazed

Spring Into Romance starts in three days. THREE! I can't begin to tell you the amazing response I've gotten from romance authors and readers about Spring Into Romance. I am completely humbled that so many brilliant authors--authors of which I am in awe--have so graciously agreed to blog for a day here.

And the reader response? Well it's been fantastic.

Thank you. Thank you for your support and your participation.

But I mean really--how could you not want to read blogs by these amazing ladies?!

March 1 Carolyn Jewel
March 2 Wendy S. Marcus
March 5 Dee J. Adams
March 6 Eden Bradley
March 7 Jennifer Probst
March 8 Jennifer Haymore
March 9 Lynne Marshall
March 12 Christine Ashworth
March 13 Marilyn Brant
March 14 Jenny Gardiner
March 15 Maisey Yates
March 16 Hank Phillippi Ryan
March 19 Aimee Carson
March 20 Malena Lott
March 21 Susan Crandall
March 22 Charlene Sands
March 23 Jane Porter
March 26 Megan Crane
March 27 Sarah Wendell
March 28 Me
March 29 Julie James
March 30 Joanne Pibworth

Yeah--March is going to be an awesome month!!



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