Monday, April 16, 2007

Hollywood Girls Club Launch Party Pix I just love love love my launch party pix! Yes you can go to and type in Maggie Marr to see 39 pictures from the party. But here are some MORE pix for you....The fantastic director and photog Michael Covert took these lovely pix...Love You Michael! First let's set the scene, Area, 400 plus, and Hollywood Girls Club. I think that this pic does it oh so well...

A photo of me, with Hollywood Girls Club and the super-sized pic of HGC's cover...think I may have to frame it....

Next a photo of the beautiful Stacy Keibler

Could she be more beautiful??? I think not!

Next the author (me) with Stacy Keibler...please note; I'm the brunette

Next me with Party Promoter Extraordinaire Allison Melnick...she is the reason we had THE BEST venue in Los Angeles.

Must have a pic of the fabulous Uber-agent Andy Barzvi (the gorgeous blonde in the center)...

Me and Nony Tochterman

And finally my great friend film producer Tore Knos. Without his dedication, help and support this fantastic launch party wouldn't have been near as fantastic...

Again...I must THANK our sponsors; Factory Magazine, Hollywood Media Bridge, Moet Chandon, and Crown. Thank you to my producing partner Peg Cafferty. Thank you to Pam Silverstein for making a quick 24 hour trip to LA from NY so she could celebrate with me at the launch party. Also a special thank you to my mentor and friend Nick Reed. It takes a whole lot of people to create a great night and lucky for my I have the best friends a girl could ever ask for.


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