Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hello England!

Wow! So today is another big day! Today is the launch of Hollywood Girls Club in the UK. And I must say I love, love LOVE..the cover!

The brilliant Masaki Ryo designed the cover. Masaki Ryo's beautiful artwork is now also available as stationary and cards...just stunning work and, in my opinion, so perfect for Hollywood Girls Club. Thank you to my UK publisher, Arrow, who did a phenomenal job on the cover.

I must say, I'm a bit nervous about today. I mean...Bridget Jones Diary was the original Women's Fiction/Chick Lit book and England is the birth place of the ENTIRE genre (can you say Jane Austen). The British readers have excellent taste and are quite discerning. Why not with authors such as Helen Fielding, Jane Green, Marian Keyes...just to name three.

So little old American me hopes that the Brits do in fact love The Ladies of Hollywood Girls Club just as much as everyone in America loves them. Can't wait to hear what UK readers think!

xo Maggie


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