Thursday, January 10, 2008

Good-Bye Golden Globes my favorite awards show (with the bestest parties ever) is canceled this year. And as much as I will miss the swag, the red carpet show, the parties, and the booze I wholeheartedly agree with the WGA in their fight for fair pay for honest work. Notice I said fair. Because, it is fair. It is fair that writers get paid for their labor. It is fair to expect when you create or manufacture a product that you get paid for that product. That in fact, a corporation, doesn't get to take the product you create and choose not to pay you for it. And then, when the corporation makes money on the product whether it be from direct revenue ie purchase or indirect revenue ie ad revenue generated by people using or viewing your product that the corporation can't then turn to you, the creator, and say 'oh, so sorry, but we're really not making any money.' One question, since when do corporations do anything that doesn't make money? Nuff said.
Good-bye Globes.


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