Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Miss America: Reality Check

So am I the only person in America who is completely fixated on Miss America: Reality Check? Okay, I admit it, there is still enough big-haired Midwest in me to like (okay LOVE) the pageants. Okay? I mean what girl just doesn't want to cake on the make-up, spray the aquanet and be a princess for a night...perhaps with the right evening gown, a year? And get paid for it? Forget about it! Much like a whole lot of women though, my love for the yearly runway scene was turning into a melancholy longing for a much simpler time...like say 1978... Like enjoying the idea of Macaroni and cheese but then when you actually taste the stuff made by Kraft...not so good. But stop the press because when I saw this:

And then I thought, Wow, she's back. Miss America! Now not only can I get to know all these contestants, I can now truly root for someone during the pageant. Plus I get to VOTE! Too Good To Be True!


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