Wednesday, February 27, 2008


How much do I love email newsletter day? A whole lot! Like perhaps as much as French fries. Why? Well a few reasons.

First, the hits to this site and my blog skyrocket...through the roof...and I love that. I spend everyday at my computer alone, putting words together. And sometimes I go for months...MONTHS without anyone reading what I've written. So when I think that people are actually coming to this site and reading my blog..well it makes me happy.

Second? I hear from so many people. It's suddenly like holiday card time. All my good friends and acquaintances shoot me an email telling me they got the newsletter. I then email them back asking about their lives, they get the drill.

And finally, of course, is the intended outcome of the email newsletter, people buy books! I of course, like most obsessive, neurotic writers, on the email newsletter day periodically check my Amazon sales number, holding my breath each time hoping that the number continues to drop, because that means people are buying my books! And really, as much as my editor and publisher love me, my smile, my charm, and my wit, I'm meant to write books that people will buy.

So in honor of my fabulous day yesterday...and ALL OF YOU who made it so fabulous. Today I am having a contest.

Yes a CONTEST. Which means winners get FREE stuff. What is the free stuff? Well obviously something near and dear to my heart. I am giving away to two lucky winners a signed copy of the paperback Hollywood Girls Club. But that's not all...oh Grand Prize winner gets...signed Hollywood Girls Club hardcover, paperback and an advanced copy of Secrets of The Hollywood Girls Club. So now that we know the prizes...What do we have to do to get them?


So the contest is, in honor of SECRETS of The Hollywood Girls Club. I want to know what is the biggest, baddest, funniest secret you've ever kept? Now I don't need names, dates or details that will harm friends and/or family. Please feel free to change those details to protect the innocent....(or not so innocent as whatever the secret may be). But what I am looking for here, is something that makes me say...oh my...or forces me to laugh out loud... So ladies...and the four men who read my blog get cracking. Leave your secrets in the comments section or if you're feeling particularly secretive, send me an email at


PS every good girlfriend keeps at least one good secret.....


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