Thursday, January 24, 2008

Things I Need (okay, okay, want)

So yeah...a blog about things I need (want)...and am thankful that I will get...soon....

1. A mani-pedi...oh you don't even want to see my toes.

2. A new pair of glasses. So I'm legally blind and usually wear contacts but when I'm writing a lot (like now) I get eyestrain and wear my glasses. And my glasses...circa 1993...oh and that's not the half of it...these are glasses I got before law school when I was really really broke and guess what they were 2 pair for 20 read it right (excluding the 50 dollar eye exam). Oh I did have a nice pair that I purchased after law school but somehow baby number one thought those would be fun to bend and wear and eventually break.

3. An annual yoga membership. So I can go every day.

4. A babysitter...(see number 3 for explanation)

5. A housekeeper...once a week. I've determined that when someone other than me or the hubby is cleaning the homestead that I will actually be very very well off in the world.

6. To remodel the kitchen and the bathroom. Oh yes, granite counter tops or cement...I'm not sure...but nothing with grout...I do so hate the tiles with grout...because that comes with toothbrushes and meiers scrub and me bent over brushing the grout...(see number 5)

7. A treadmill. It rains sometimes and although I don't mind hauling myself to the gym, so simple to roll out and onto the treadmill. (and w/out 4 it makes the gym tricky...see 3)

8. A mommy makeover. I'm considering it. The full meal deal; tummy tuck, breast lift, a little lipo around the belly and hips...hmmm....I'll let you know.

9. A haircut. (again, see number 4 to understand why this is so difficult.)

10. A new wardrobe. I am notorious for sitting around in jammies and writing all day. And while this is a-okay....for writing. I've found that people give you funny looks when you go to lunch in fleece bottoms...just kidding...I don't go to lunch anymore! (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9 for explanation)

xo mm


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