Monday, February 18, 2008

Fun Fiction

So when I write a lot...which I'm doing now. I find that my appetite for words becomes voracious...I become a Wordeater. And this weekend I ate a whole lot of words. (And I'm still consuming.)

Before Friday, I'd never experienced the fun ride that is Stephanie Plum, telling myself Janet's books weren't for me, they are too light, I wouldn't enjoy them, I don't read mystery...but I had a mass market paperback of One For The Money on my shelves and pulled it down, thinking that I'd just read one chapter.

Well flash forward and it's Saturday afternoon and I am finished with One For The Money and realize ...I LOVE mysteries and unlike Janet's longstanding fans I need not wait a year for the next Plum...oh no, not I...there are 14 of them I can read...or I think 14.

So I managed to pick up the next two books: Two For The Dough and Three To Get Deadly and read both.

And gotta say, I like them, I like them a lot. But three Plums in three days left me with a tiny hint of indigestion, too much of a good thing. I'm waiting a month before I start number four.

So now I've moved on to one of my all time FAVORITE writers; Carl Hiaasen. Could the man be more brilliant? And sexy? Pu-lease! Take a look at that smile. I'm reading Nature Girl (pg 34) and so far so good.

Again..the man can establish more detail about a character in one line than I can in 3 pages. Writer Envy? Oh yes...I have it again.



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