Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fight Club and Why Jesus Had to Be A Man

I remember as a little girl being totally irritated with the fact that God made Jesus a boy. I mean, come on, supposedly he sent this guy to save the world. Why not a little girl? Why not a woman? But now I know the answer. Fight Club. Yes, this Fight Club:

In Fight Club, I see a little of every man. The yang to the female yin. The male destroyer to the female life-giver. And it is in this, this moment that I realized God had no choice but to make Jesus a man. Not because Jesus was in his image, as I believe God is a force, a sexless entity. But to send a woman to save humankind would be too easy. A billion mothers every day give to the point of non-existence. But to send a man, filled with testosterone, power and an endless desire for more, and through love turn him into an empathetic healer, who selflessly gives his life to save those who torture him? To have a man, become that full of compassion? Well, that transformation my friends is truly the domain of the divine.


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