Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Crack for Bookworms

So I've conquered my Facebook addiction but now I've found what I can only describe as Crack for Bookworms aka Goodreads. A social networking site for booklovers. And I do mean book LOVERS. This site has every kind of reader you can imagine from all over the world. Get this, you put yourself on the site and then you list the books you've read...ALL the books you've read. And there are some BIG readers out there. I thought I read a ton...but we are talking thousands upon thousands of books some people have read. And as you meet people on the site you troll through there shelves and inevitably you find another book that you've forgotten that you've read. It's like going to someone's home for the first time and looking at their books...do you do that? I am the worst...I am highly suspicious of people without books in their home..I mean what do they DO with all their time? And I love that you can rate the books...because isn't it always interesting to see how much someone did or did not like your favorite books? Off to feed the beast, my new addiction...Goodreads.


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