Monday, March 10, 2008

Great Review from Romance Reader At Heart

So as a, love, LOVE, a good review (think I've mentioned that before) so the ladies at Romance Reader at Heart gave Secrets of The Hollywood Girls Club a very lovely review:


Maggie Marr is addictive! I just powered through HOLLYWOOD GIRLS CLUB and its sequel, SECRETS OF THE HOLLYWOODS GIRLS CLUB, and I couldn’t get enough. These books are the perfect fun, trashy Hollywood novels, where nothing is sacred except friendship and occasionally love.

I’d recommend reading them in order, because you’ll miss some of the detail that enriches the story if you don’t read the first book. Celeste, Jessica, Lydia and Mary Anne, Hollywood players extraordinaire, have continued their friendship for years now. Mary Anne joined the quartet in the first book, which was about four years ago. She’s the wholesome midwestern gal, but now the hot screenwriter is becoming as big a star as the others.

Kiki, a minor character in the first book, comes to the forefront here. She’s an aging publicist with all the secrets. It’s hard to believe there are any in this version of Hollywood, with cameras and recorders apparently picking up every move. But all these details aren’t meant to be concealed from insiders, just the kind of people who read Vanity Fair and go to the movies.

Drugs, plastic surgery, sexual orientation —all these things need to be a secret from the rest of the world. Snippets may sneak out, but proof can’t ever. In a town where you don’t even trust the people you supply paychecks to, how can you ever stay on top? Everyone is a barracuda. But with friends and lovers on your side, it seems you can succeed on your own terms, even in Hollywood.

Heather Hiestand

Wow, wow, WOW! Gotta' love a review like that. So here's the dealio...Secrets comes out April 26 but is available now for pre-order AND, Hollywood Girls Club JUST came out in my suggestion? Get the paperback of Hollywood Girls Club NOW, read it and grab Secrets when it debuts in as Heather did you can 'power through' both books.

PS Looking forward to seeing Romance writers and readers at RWA!


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