Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WIP FINISHED! (well kinda')

I apologize for my low level of blogging the past week. I haven't been ill. No instead I've been so very busy completing my latest manuscript, I just couldn't blog. What an excuse right? Really, I wanted so badly to finish this story. It had to get out! That the only thing I've done for the last 8 days is write...well and go to BEA. Which was super fun...wish I'd taken photos. I signed books at BEA which I love doing. I think because I spend so much time alone at my computer that when I have an opportunity to meet people and especially all the bibliophiles that Book Expo brings out, I get super excited. So update on the WIP (work in progress) the manuscript is now with the Agent. And a couple of my most trusted readers...a couple family members, a couple friends, a couple writers, people I know will give me the REAL DEAL on the story. So next up? Finish Screenplay! I have two managers and two agents requesting that I please please please finish the screenplay I've been promising them for oh say the last six months. Sigh...back to work.


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