Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh Screenplay, why do you taunt me so?

So dear readers, you may or may not remember the very LENGTHY film treatment my writing partner, forever after called MM male (or until he tells me I can use his name on my blog) and I wrote for our producers. Well now I am in the process of co-writing the script. I say co-writing because MM male and I write screenplays together. And no MM male is not just some weird male version of me, he is an actual person who is a guy, who just happens to share my initials. In the early stages it is our process to pass the script back and forth until we have a full draft. And I am currently up to bat. Have been for a...uh...while now. And although the process is going along swimmingly, due in part (I hate to admit to the German (1)) to the LENGTHY treatment. I still find myself starting, and stopping, and doubting, and rewriting, and swearing, and gnashing my teeth, and pulling my hair...because I just want the darn thing to be right.

What is right?

Good question.

Glad you asked.

How the heck do I know? If I could capture the definition of right there wouldn't be nearly as much starting, stopping, doubting, rewriting, swearing, gnashing of teeth and requisite hair pulling.

But then, what fun would there be in that?


(1) The German: One of our managers who just so happens to be from Germany and is the sadistic operator of the dreaded Orange Highlighter about which I often tweet, blog, and curse. (The pen, I curse about the pen, not The German. Not ever. I promise.)


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