Tuesday, March 9, 2010

RWA-Women's Fiction Inaugural Workshop

I am thrilled to announce the inaugural workshop for the RWA-Women's Fiction Chapter. Direct Your Book! Theatrical Techniques to a Blockbuster Novel by Leanna Renee Hieber. And although RWA-Women's Fiction would love to have YOU as a member, you need not be a member to participate in this fabulous workshop!

Best selling, award winning, multi-published author Leanna Renee Hieber will teach her unique hybrid approach in writing novels. Leanna uses this remarkable theatrical background to crack open a whole new way to think about your fiction. She utilizes techniques inherent to actors, directors and other theatre professionals in the creation and telling of stories and teaches you to use these techniques to bolster story structure and characterization. As an author, think about what it takes to step into the role of actor, director, cinematographer, etc. and feel the lightbulbs go off as you troubleshoot your way towards an engaging, character-rich, one-of-a-kind hit novel.

I am very excited to participate in this workshop because one of the gifts of writing is that as a writer I have always something to learn. Writers are life-long learners. Each time we sit at the keyboard we discover something new about our story, whether it be a plot twist or a character quirk there is always something unexpected popping onto the screen of our computers.

There is also the craft and business of writing. I know from a cursory glance over my past books that my knowledge of craft has changed over the years. This knowledge is often hardwon and sometimes self taught. The result of trial and error, rewrite after rewrite, constant critique and a keen editorial eye that grows more astute with each word written. However as a life long learner I am always looking for ways to facilitate the next step in my writing whether it be deeper characterization, stronger POV or a tighter plot. And, in part, this is the brilliance of RWA-WF. We, as a group, are able to participate in workshops, critiques (soon), meetings, and panels to help us learn our craft and the business of writing.

I hope you will join me March 26, 27, 28 & 29 as Leanna teaches her workshop Direct Your Book! Theatrical Techniques to a Blockbuster Novel. This workshop is sure to bring many insights to all writers of all levels.

The final day to register is March 20th and EVERYONE is welcome. You need not be a member of RWA or RWA-WF to participate in this fabulous workshop. The price of the workshop is $20 for RWA-WF members and $25 for all non-members. Details on how to register are at the bottom of the article here.

The workshop will be a yahoo loop. You will be notified with an invitation to join the loop prior to the workshop date. RWA-WF reserves the right to cancel this workshop should fewer than 20 participants sign up for this workshop. Upon a cancellation of this workshop by RWA-WF all registered participants will receive a full refund. Please contact Maggie Marr at maggiemarr AT mac DOT net for more information.


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