Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thank You Phoenix

A big thank you to Phoenix, Arizona! I attended the Phoenix book festival and had a fantastic time! Jill Berenstein does a bang up job organizing this event. The whole experience was great fun.

The night before the festival was the author cocktail reception..and since I am now an 'author' I got to go! I made some new friends (see picture)

That's me with the red shoes (I LOVE my red shoes), Laura Fitzgerald and Melissa Clark. Laura Fitzgerald wrote Veil of Roses. An amazing book; she had me crying by page 10. I'm convinced if the women of America read this book...we could solve the problems in the Middle East. Melissa Clark wrote Swimming Upstream Slowly, which had me laughing by page 10. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND both books. Two thumbs up, four stars, great reads!

I signed books and took pictures. The girls swam in the hotel pool with their Dad. My Mom even flew to Phoenix for the festival...(my very FIRST festival). And now we're home. Today is Radio Tour Day...much much much more about Radio Tour day tomorrow.


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