Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Dirt: A Woman In Hollywood

Yesterday I received a request, Fresh Fiction asked me to guest blog for them. Now this is my first guest blog, and of course, like any good guest, I wondered what FF wanted me to bring to this party.
"What would you like me to blog about?" I inquired via email. My mind trying desperately to weave a fascinating tale.
"Your books," the lovely Faye replied.
Well that made perfect sense. Especially since Secrets of The Hollywood Girls Club hits book shelves April 15 and Hollywood Girls Club is available in paperback now.
But what could I actually say about the books, that reviewers haven't already told readers?
That the books are fun, fast-paced, like having several issues of People to flip through?
Well of course all that...but what about a little peek into Hollywood and how I got the inspiration to write HGC and Secrets? And where all those torrid little tales came from. So yes, I wrote about those two things, and the title: The Dirt: A Woman in Hollywood. So jump on over to Fresh Fiction and check it out.


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