Monday, March 31, 2008

This Writer's Life


The gift of journaling was something I learned from Julia Cameron in both The Artist's Way and The Right To Write, two books that I recommend to anyone with the desire to connect with their inner creative force.

Journaling allows me to quiet the negative voice I hear in my head. I think we each have a version of this voice the negative one that tells you that: you're not smart enough, talented enough, thin enough, curvy enough, pretty enough, strong enough, wealthy enough, or any other enough of which you are fearful you are lacking.

In my journal pages I allow that over-critical negative voice to 'run free' to whine, kvetch, moan, hiss, yell, and say anything that pops into my mind. Censor off. My journal pages are the open range. Three pages that usually takes a half hour. Three pages of pen to page free form writing...little of it making much sense but somehow clearing my mind of the negative voice so I can write my stories. There are absolutely no rules within the pages of my journal. Nothing is off limits, every thought that enters my mind hits the page.

Once I've completed this exercise, for me, my demons for the day, my fears and frustrations are vanquished...or at least feel heard, so that now I can focus on the important part of my day. My writing.
xo Maggie


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