Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Newsletter Day!

Happy Newsletter Day!

As you know from the newsletter it is T minus 21 days until the release of Secrets of The Hollywood Girls Club. I got my first copy of Secrets on Friday sent to me by Lindsey the magnificent aka my editor. I do love love love the green color of the book. And now I have a set! A set of Hollywood Girls Club books. I hope that you too will have a set soon.

So Secrets, secrets everywhere! Wow this Secrets contest is Spectacular! I love them. So many great secrets. And yes, it is confidential. Each entry will be deleted at the end of the contest. But Wow! Are we some good friends or what? Some people have kept their best friends' secrets for 20 or more years.

Tomorrow we have our first guest blogger. Lisa Daily is stopping by to blog about life and her new book Fifteen Minutes of Shame which releases TODAY! So get yourself a copy.

Friday's guest blogger is Melissa Walker author of the Violet Series. Both of Melissa's books are available now!



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