Thursday, March 20, 2008

Guest Blogger Thursdays...and other stuff

So, changes are afoot at This may be one of the last Thursday's you hear from me. There are so many great writers in the world, so many fantastic books, so many interesting topics that from here on out, Thursday's are (hopefully) guest blogger day! The goal is to have a guest at least twice a month in the beginning and eventually have a guest every Thursday. Some guests already scheduled are authors. I'm also going to invite other people to blog as well. What are the requirements to become a guest blogger? Well, basically, are you interesting? Do you have something to say? Something that the readers of this blog ie: the readers of Hollywood Girls Club would be interested in reading. If yes, then I want you as a guest. So this invite goes for not only people I know who I think are interesting, but also for the blog readers. If you would like to be a guest blogger, send me an email or if you have a suggestion for a guest...again send me an email:

Wednesday 3.26 Lisa Daily author of Fifteen Minutes of Shame

Friday 3.28 Melissa Walker author of The Violet Series

Thursday 4.3 Doree Lewak author of The Panic Years

Thursday 4.17 Laura Caldwell author of The Good Liar

I've mentioned before how much I enjoy newsletter day. I love reaching out to everyone who reads the blog and my books. So Newsletter day is no longer going to be some vague random occurrence...oh no no no. The next Maggie Marr newsletter goes out March 25th and then around the 15th of each month ever after. So sign up! The newsletter will announce release dates for new books (April 15th for Secrets of The Hollywood Girls Club), guest bloggers, contests (Fresh Fiction and Secrets)and appearances. So sign up for the newsletter here.

I've gotten HUNDREDS of entries for both contests. There is a new contest at Fresh Fiction and then also the Secret contest going on here on the blog. Both continue until March 31. To enter (and you can't win if you don't enter) email me your Secrets at For details on both click here.


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