Monday, April 14, 2008

This Writer's Life

This Writer's Life today and the past week is a blurrrrr.... Tomorrow is my second release day and I've found (since I'm now a veteran) that the normal rhythm's of my writer's life get disrupted near the release of a book. I'm not complaining, how could I, or anyone complain about their book being released into the world? This is a beautiful, wonderful, truly abundant event, the release of my words, Secrets of The Hollywood Girls Club. But, the actual release of a book takes a whole lot of time.

Suddenly personally imposed deadlines for rewrites and first drafts get pushed. Blogs that are meant to be written (ahem) don't. And my house? Well my house which is under normal circumstances a refuge for dust bunny's and dirty clothes seems to take on an extra layer of dust and grime. Because, the normal routine is just off.

But I choose to embrace this difference, with all it's ups and downs...fits and starts...dirt and grime. I embrace it and thank the universe wholeheartedly for it, because it is in these moments, this day, that I am not only a writer, but I am a published writer. And although not the goal for all writers, for me, publishing is a wonderful achievement, like winning the gold medal at the end of the race. And although during the days leading up to OSD (on sale date) and the weeks immediately after my routine is disrupted and filled with guest blogs, radio, interviews, and personal appearances...every single bit of this abundance is worth it, because the entire time, I feel like I've won the gold!


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