Friday, March 26, 2010


I have a manuscript. A nearly completed manuscript. I also have an editor who wants to read the manuscript. This is not a problem, this, as every writer knows is a blessing. A bountiful, wonderful, most hoped for blessing.

So what am I kvetching about?

I want to send the manuscript NOW. Now, now, now, NOW! And while it is ready-ish. I know the manuscript will be better if I wait just one more week.


Beta readers. Those beautiful beta readers(1). I have received comments from one Beta reader. (Thank you, thank you, thank you!) But have two more Beta readers to hear from. Granted, I just did ask my third Beta reader yesterday if she'd mind taking a quick look. And of course being the ever lovely person she is, she said yes. But it takes time to read. And make notes. And people have lives.

So while the impatient part of me just wants to send, send, SEND! The realistic and rational part of me realizes that with each Beta reader I get some good input and information about a manuscript that I've read so many times I could recite the dialogue in my sleep. Therefore...I wait. I wait for my Beta readers to report back. And as I wait I continue to read, make notes, and then once all the Beta readers notes are in, I will revise one final time.

The impatient part of me screams and kicks as I write this. But the rational part nods.

Damn, I hate being rational.


(1) Beta reader: The most trusted of author friends that you allow to read your work first often before editors, agents, and even family. They provide you with notes, guidance, and often times good wishes so that you may persevere toward another rewrite/revision and a better book.


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