Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Have A Script!

Kind of.

As most of you have surmised writing a screenplay is a process. And as I wrote earlier part of Mike's and my process is to pass the script back and forth until we have a solid draft.

We have a solid draft. 91 pages of a solid draft.

I've passed the script back to Mike and now he will take another pass doing clean up. He'll pass the script back to me and I will take one final read...more clean up. And then we will send the script to the producers for their weekend read (1).

But we aren't finished. Not. Even. Close.

The producers will read. Discuss amongst themselves. Find flaws. Weak parts. Have questions. They will write down all of these things, knocking our script and potentially shredding it to pieces. Mike and I will then pick up the scattered and battered bits of script left over once the producers are finished and then recraft based on their notes. Each time, in theory, this process is meant to make the script better. And sometimes it does. At the very least the process points to areas that need to be reworked and tightened.

So we have a script. Let the fun begin.


(1) Weekend Read: The EVER important read that takes place on the weekend. Everyone in entertainment has to read a ton of material. Since most entertainment execs work a 14 hour day, reading is often relegated to the weekend. Thus, as a writer you want to turn projects in to Producers in time for the weekend read aka Wed. Thurs. or Fri. Hopefully then you wait 3 days for a response instead of 7 (if you turn in a project on a Monday.)


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